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Attackers and Cyber Criminals Win If…

In the wake of the tragic terrorist attacks in France, political figures and intelligence officials are renewing the call for back doors and the ability to decrypt encrypted communications. The argument has been made that bad actors are “go dark” and intelligence agencies are unable to detect threats via digital communications. If you think the good guys will win, if given this ability, you are mistaken.

Circumventing security by installing back doors and providing decryption capabilities will make all of us less secure and not more. If we allow one entity/organization access to our devices via a backdoor or give them the ability to listen in on encrypted (secure) communications, who’s to say this capability won’t be exploited by bad actors.

This would be akin to every household require door locks that could be unlocked by a master key. He or she who contains the master key could enter your home and threaten your privacy and security at any time. Even if the intent is good and the master key is in the possession of the “good guys”, it could easily fall into the hands of the “bad guys”.

I don’t know about you, but I like knowing that I’m in complete control of who has access to my keys!

Humans have always been flawed and in the world of security, humans are always the weakest link. Would you really trust handing your keys over to someone you don’t even know or trust? Can you guarantee that person will not copy or share your key with others? If for some reason you could actually trust a complete stranger with your keys, please contact me so we can arrange for you to mail me your keys and address. 🙂

What the political figures and intelligence officials are requesting (back doors and decryption capabilities) should cause concern for everyone. If we allow this to happen, we will inevitably insure the bad actors are the ultimate winners.