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I’m Not Perfect

I’m not perfect. I’ve failed at many things in life. I’ve been knocked down repeatedly. I’ve made countless mistakes and taken many missteps. However, the most important thing I can do is wake up each day and strive to be better than I was the day before. Change is necessary. Positive growth is essential. Seeking a greater purpose in life is vital.

My Deepest Pain – Part 3

My Deepest Pain - Part 1 My Deepest Pain - Part 2 As I continue to open myself up even further, all kinds of emotions are starting to come rushing in. I would like to further explain why it has been so difficult for me to expose a part of my life that 99% of you do not know about me. So far, I have shared two very difficult and painful stories with you (links to part one and two are above). Shortly after I was born in Manhattan KS, I would soon be put up for adoption. After spending several days in an ICU, I was allowed to go home with my new adopted family. Even though I was adopted

My Deepest Pain – Part 2

I wanted to follow up on the story I wrote last week regarding the greatest pain that I have ever experienced. After I wrote the story [My Deepest Pain - Part 1], I received several messages and phone calls from people that wanted to know what happened after that sad day that I previously wrote about. Several people expressed how sad that situation was and wanted to know if I ever heard from my mom again. Given the amount of interest, I thought I would write a follow-up. Since the pain was so significant, I went through several years of blocking that day out of my mind. In my mind, the last memory that I wanted to remember of my

My Deepest Pain – Part 1

Pain and suffering comes in many forms and it can hit at any time in your life. Some pain is temporary while other pain can last a lifetime. Every single person that is reading this post has encountered pain at least one time in their life. No matter how small or great the pain is, what truly matters is how you deal with it. I am going to share a very personal story with you about the deepest and most significant pain that I experienced in my entire life. There are very few people in my life that have heard this deeply painful story. The pain that I am about to share with you will likely last a lifetime. The

Attackers and Cyber Criminals Win If…

In the wake of the tragic terrorist attacks in France, political figures and intelligence officials are renewing the call for back doors and the ability to decrypt encrypted communications. The argument has been made that bad actors are “go dark” and intelligence agencies are unable to detect threats via digital communications. If you think the good guys will win, if given this ability, you are mistaken. Circumventing security by installing back doors and providing decryption capabilities will make all of us less secure and not more. If we allow one entity/organization access to our devices via a backdoor or give them the ability to listen in on encrypted (secure) communications, who’s to say this capability won’t be exploited by bad

Cisco FirePOWER v6.0 has been released

Cisco has just released FirePOWER v6.0 and it has several new features that have been long awaited. Three key features include: On-box SSL Decryption: The ASA firewall now has the ability to perform SSL decryption. By some estimates, at the end of 2016, roughly two-thirds of all Internet traffic will be encrypted. It is no surprise that attackers will continue to leverage SSL-based attacks because it is more difficult to detect. Security solutions must have the ability to look inside SSL-encrypted traffic to combat against attacks that leverage SSL encryption. Integration with Cisco ISE: This is a big step in the right direction for Cisco to tie in multiple security solutions. This will extend the capabilities of ISE and allow better policy